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Blessed With Lumber – a Family Business Finds a Place in the World

Blessed With Lumber – a Family Business Finds a Place in the World

“I am blessed with lumber, I guess is what my problem is,” Keith Schoonover said with a grin on a frosty March morning, as he looked over the rim of his glasses at me. Steam from his breath formed a white pillar that hung for a moment at the edge of his grey woolen beard as I pondered what he meant. We walked from one of the two rustic weathered lumber sheds back to the barn. 

Artful Living - Bladesmith Erin Aylor Enfolds Life Lessons Into Steel

Living Artful Living - From The South Mountain Journal Blog Series Clockworks, exploring wheels and gears that keep life around South Mountain turning.  In this post, we visit the blacksmith and woodworker Erin Aylor, a Western Maryland and Frederick County native, traditional craftsman,

Erin Aylor has intentionally put himself in the place and with the people that he loves - immersing himself in the work of his heart. 

"Living artful living", is this Frederick County, Maryland native's response to a world, where craftspersons are in the words of Kerry Chappell, 'making and being made'; in effect, they are becoming while they are making (Chappell, Kerry Anne, et al).  Erin is also inferring that good crafting equals a good community to live in.  This framework references both his preference for items that are handmade and serving the greater good of the community through his own contributions.