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The South Mountain Journal is a blog that illustrates and highlights, over time, the interconnected lives of the people, events, and biosphere that encompasses the rich tapestry that this particular area such a wonderful place to live work and play.

The blog is intended as a conversation.  Although it is regionally focused, it covers matters of global interest. 

It is also our intention to convey the integral role this area has played and continues to have in the development of American history and lifestyle.

About The Region

Really, you should just come here and see it if you don't live here already.  

The area in Western Maryland and South-central Pennsylvania known as South Mountain is the northern extension of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is a part of the Appalachian Mountain range.

The South Mountain region of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a 70 mile stretch that includes seven National Parks and three significant trails including the Appalachin Scenic Trail


South Mountain Journal Contributors

Pamela Dubitsky

Storyteller, Editrix

John Canan

Photographer, Storyteller

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