Artful Living - Bladesmith Erin Aylor Enfolds Life Lessons Into Steel

Living Artful Living - From The South Mountain Journal Blog Series Clockworks, exploring wheels and gears that keep life around South Mountain turning.  In this post, we visit the blacksmith and woodworker Erin Aylor, a Western Maryland and Frederick County native, traditional craftsman,

Erin Aylor has intentionally put himself in the place and with the people that he loves - immersing himself in the work of his heart. 

"Living artful living", is this Frederick County, Maryland native's response to a world, where craftspersons are in the words of Kerry Chappell, 'making and being made'; in effect, they are becoming while they are making (Chappell, Kerry Anne, et al).  Erin is also inferring that good crafting equals a good community to live in.  This framework references both his preference for items that are handmade and serving the greater good of the community through his own contributions.

This Is Where I Live : Where Two Trails Meet

This is where I live, work, and play. I enjoy and am nourished inside and out by the South Mountain region, so much, I decided to make it my home. This passion, imbued with my training as a naturalist, educator, and community builder, wanted to share a spoonful of a recent morning at the edge of South Mountain in the Weverton area (where two trails meet).  A Repost from South Mountain Partnership